Free to a GOOD home ONLY!! Pitbull Pup (Memphis, TN)

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2541 Corporate Ave E

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Around 5:30pm last evening I found a pit bull (or mix) wandering near the Extended Stays Memphis Airport. He was cautious to approach at first but I was able to connect with him thanks to some food & water I had in the car and contemplated what to do with him. About half hour later I called Animal Control and asked for them to come pick up the dog. I got him some dog food, water, bones, and a leash at a pet store near by and took him back to the hotel to wait for Animal Control (he was fine in the car). They showed up around 7:40pm and I was told that they are unable to take him unless he showed signs of being unhealthy or hurt - which he did not. I was told my options were then to let him go, take him in myself, or find someone to take him. I’m not from around here (and know no one) and will be leaving to Jackson, MS on the weekend. I couldn’t fathom letting him go so he stayed the night with me but I have no idea what to do with this lovely boy.

I would say he’s 8-18 months old based off his teeth and demeanour. He’s not neutered. He’s brown and white and medium to large sized. He was found with a collar on so he’s either lost or was dumped. He’s shown zero signs of aggression, hasn’t barked at all, and I am able to touch his whole body without him being reactionary. He doesn’t look underweight (although I don’t know much about the breed) and other than a bit of a scab on his ear his coat looks fair. I wanted him to sleep on the ground but after 30 mins of pulling him off the bed I gave in and let him sleep with me. He wants to be close at all times and is very loving. He doesn’t listen to basic commands and isn’t good at walking on a leash.

Honestly this is breaking my heart but I can’t keep him - I know how much time, work & money dogs require (I have a 6 pound, 11 year old morkie waiting for me to come get her) and I just don’t think I can provide him the environment he needs. I’m not even sure the apartment I am moving into this weekend will accept him.

If your interested in meeting this sweet boy please let me know asap.

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