Warrior Dran Michael - $6,690 (Bartlett)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Warrior
model name / number: Dran Michael
As always, feel free to make a reasonable offer...or a crazy one!

Nine Piece Neck. Beautiful inlays. Grain in the body is beautiful. (More pictures coming. These are way too dark.)

I'm a Warrior lover; we are a "Warrior family." Two of my sons play Warrior Guitars; my third son plays a Warrior Bass; if our drummer could play Warrior drums - he would!

Once you've been "bit by the Warrior bug" you'll buy your first one. Then, once you have held it, played it, and heard it...you'll buy your second...then your third.

Then...you start deciding which ones you will keep to leave to your children. (I'm not kidding.)

Now, you have to have a little "jack in the jar," or "expendable income " to get one...or to grow your collection. They're not inexpensive - they are a high end, one at a time hand made in the USA guitars that look, play, and sound like dreams come true. (That's why we players play them, and why collectors collect them.)

When you SEE a Warrior, sometimes you can't believe your eyes. But when you play one, it PLAYS and SOUNDS like a touring rocker's or studio musician's dream come true.

A good friend of mine is retiring from the music business. He was the largest Warrior dealer in the world. We are acquiring most of his inventory...this means we will be selling dozens of never owned Warriors. Unless specified, these are "new old stock" as they say in the business.

By the rules, obviously, we cannot call them "new guitars," even though they've never been owned by a retail buyer.

So...we have to sell them at USED prices. (That is why I will accept offers.) That means my friend and I are absorbing the depreciation of the instrument, and it means you get a never owned spectacular guitar at a great price, that will hold its value.

Please look at our shop. Ask any question you like.

Be careful. If you make an offer, we might just say yes! Then you will own a piece of guitar magic! All the best, and happy rocking!

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