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"Education is not the Learning of Facts, but Training the Mind to Think" - Albert Einstein

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Meet the Tutor.

If your child has to work much harder than their peers to keep up OR is already several levels behind, then Student Success Strategies can help.

Proficient learning involves clusters of cognitive skills working together.

If you're wondering about how we differ from other tutoring services, you're not alone. We help you Learn Like Einstein: memorize more, read faster, comprehend more, focus better, and master things easier.

READING TUTORING: There are many different mental skills involved in successful reading and writing: phonemic awareness, blending, decoding strategies and fluency. Additionally, executive function skills are particularly important for learning.

• Your student practices how to recognize, review, and reinforce must-know phonics elements: consonants, long and short vowels, blends and more
• Your student grasps the 5 BIG ideas of early literacy: phonological awareness, the alphabetic principle, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
• Your student strengthens the foundational reading skills that have shown signs of reading difficulties
• Your student accurately and efficiently decodes words, which in turn boosts fluency and comprehension
• You student improves their ability to recognize sound-spelling relationships
• Your student improves content-area learning to spark a life-long love of reading


- In person

Please call 901-620-2150 to schedule your first 60-minute Training Session to see exactly how we can help your student get to the next level.

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