Turtle trap, for catching pesky turtles up to 6" shell length - $50 (Powhatan)

He's out there, somewhere, having the time of his life snipping and snacking on your waterlily stems. Usually around dusk and dawn when light levels are low. You just might make out the little shudders, ripples in the water as :::gobble::: there goes another lilypad stem
After eating his fill, he's going to loaf in the shade all day until it is time to munch his evening salad snack....
He can stump an entire waterlily position in one salad snack, the orphaned floating lilypads showing a distinctive angle snip from the 'v' shaped beak of the turtle. Once stumped of all lilypad stems, don't be surprised if the waterlily never recovers
Can you get near him to catch him? good luck with that, he can hear the sound of your feet a hundred feet away the moment you make a move, sound travels extremely well underwater... and very stealthily, the turtle will glide off to his favourite hiding place, to wait for your footsteps to move away again. He can hold his breath in deep water, for hours...
Set your trap out just before dark, and mr. pesky will have all night to follow the irresistible scent trail of the bait, to be found sitting in the trap the next morning, waiting for room service... OK, maybe not everytime, but, usually, most of the time...
Larger sized traps available by arrangement, let me know what size turtle you need to relocate...
Turtle trap size 7.5"x 5"x 14"

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