Pathfinder Books - $80 (Midtown)

condition: excellent

I have got a bunch of Pathfinder books that I'm looking to sell, ideally as a whole bundle. They're all in great shape (except 3.5 DMG, which is a bit more worn out but also an older book anyways). Core Rulebook's seen the most use of em, otherwise they did a lot of shelf-sitting over the last few years. My group's moved on to 5e but for anybody who prefers more complexity and mechanics for their tabletop games, Pathfinder was a great ruleset to play.

Included are:
Core Rulebook: Main book needed for play
Bestiary: Has stat blocks of a bunch of assorted monsters
Villain Codex: Has a bunch of stat blocks for potential NPC villains/organizations you can use/modify for any campaign
Monster Codex: Has variations of type of the most common monsters (i.e. orcs, ogres, giants, etc.) and more info about their general culture
Advanced Player's Guide: Has more player options
NPC Codex: Has a bunch of stat blocks for NPCs of varying classes to pepper into your campaign
Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition): An entire campaign for you to run. It's one of the classics, and having run the first few chapters it is very well designed, imo.

I also randomly have a DMG for D&D 3.5e in the mix (completely different ruleset but consider it part of the bundle!) as well as a dungeon master's screen (for Pathfinder) with a bunch of the more commonly looked-up rules which is super handy for those first learning to DM.

Let me know if you're interested; can make deals for individual items but preference is given to anyone buying the whole bundle
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