Recording Studio For Sale (incl. Real Estate) - $725,000 (Milwaukee WI)

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This business has been my labor of love since 2008, and now the time has come for me to retire and turn it over to the next producer/entrepreneur.
The studio is on the first floor, consisting of a control room, a main tracking room, a smaller rear tracking room with vocal booth, and a storage room.
All spaces are acoustically isolated from one another, and treated. The main room is impervious to outside noise.
The equipment is INCREDIBLE, including many valuable, rare, and vintage items. (see list of included equipment below)
The 2nd floor is a spacious apartment, fully equipped including laundry, but could easily be converted to create production rooms, offices, etc.
You can find further info on our site www.natrecstudio.com
National Recording is the #1 listing on Google in the Milwaukee, WI market: Try googling "recording studio Milwaukee"!

1031 - 1033 W. National Avenue

Built in 1870
Zoned “Mixed Use”
2820 Square Feet (not including basement)
2 gas furnaces, upper is newer high efficiency model (2015)
Chimney replaced with zero maintenance “B vent”
2 central AC units
Gas water heater (new 2024)
Washer/Dryer replaced 2019
Lead water feed from City replaced
refrigerator and stove replaced. 2015, 2008
Completed all mandated improvements to receive Certificate of Occupncy 2008
Roof: complete replacement in 2008
New gutters on west side of building, leaf filters on both sides
Attic - appx 20” of insulation added
Insulation - 2nd Floor - blown into all exterior walls in 2015
4 car garage (it’s a squeeze for larger vehicles), one door is motorized, both doors replaced 2020
Fenced yard
2nd floor balcony patio
Double control room walls (not touching), made with “quiet rock”, floating frame, concave construction, double glass doors.
Double glass doors to rear room
Vocal booth with comprehensive patch panel (ethernet, XLR I/o, speaker cab/instrument I/o)
The main beam holding up the building was reinforced with 5 additional supports, and the original brick columns were repaired and sheathed in concrete.
No liens or encumberances, taxes and city utilities up-to-date, no outstanding citations

The premises are situated in Walker’s Point, which sits between the highly gentrified 3rd Ward, and the equally splendid, if more suburban-feeling Bay View. Walker’s Point began to have its moment when 2nd Street was redesigned by the City. 2nd St. had been a 4 lane corridor for commuters, and little more, with most every old commercial and mixed use building boarded up. Once the construction, which included widened sidewalks, trees, narrowing the street from 4 to 2 lanes, etc. was completed, property values shot up and buildings that had been dormant for decades were suddenly being rehabbed and turned into lofts, retail spaces, bars and restaurants. Several new buildings also went up in rapid succession.

The City reclaimed an environmental brown field north of the Iron Horse opened a street through it (Freshwater Way), and put in the infrastructure for industrial development. It only took about 5 years for that to get built out to capacity. The adjacent Harbor District to the east is also rapidly being redeveloped, with the enormous new Komatsu plant now occupying the former Solvay Coke brown field, reclaimed by We Energies, as well as a UWM facility for water studies, and a giant project by Mandel Group planned.

National Avenue, meanwhile, was left to languish and decay. It was pretty grim during the 2008 financial crisis with many buildings shuttered. But thanks to the development on 2nd St, and later 5th St., which also received a full redesign, things have improved somewhat. All of that is about to accelerate dramatically when National Avenue gets a full redesign from 1st St., to 43rd St.; wide sidewalks, trees, bike lanes, traffic reduced to 2 lanes, pedestrian-friendly features, etc. The work is scheduled for 2026 - 2027.

Given all this, it’s obvious that the value of this property will rise precipitously. As noted at the beginning of this description, with wealthy Bay View and the 3rd Ward on either side, and the Harbor District booming to the east, Walker’s Point, centering on National Ave., is sort of the last inevitable investment and development frontier on eastern edge of town.

The equipment can be augmented, of course, but can not really be “upgraded”! Being classic stuff, the only things that actually depreciate around here are the computer and associated digital equipment, accounting for only a few thousand dollars spent. I think the quantity of gear in every category is matched perfectly the physical scale of the place. How many mics are you liable to use at once in a place this size? We’re set up to handle 22. The studio has been meticulously constructed to make optimum use of every inch of space, and I’ve accomodated surprisingly large ensembles. The main room is impervious to outside noise.

The premises are approved to operate as a recording or broadcast studio on the Certificate of Occupancy thanks to compliance with all City inspector mandates.

The place was a mess when I bought it, cosmetically atrocious, too. That first costly year saw a stream of contractors and handymen making repairs and upgrades, starting with a complete roof replacement. I was operating and simultaneously building out the studio, painting every interior surface in the building (much of which I had to redo after I had isulation blown into the walls), replacing leaky toilets an faucets, etc. The next owner can simply walk in and start working.

The 2nd floor is a 1410 sq. foot apartment. The number of rooms is …. subject to interpretation. There’s one full sized bedroom, and other spaces that might be considered or made into bedrooms. With hardwood floors and 11 foot ceilings, there’s a lot of potential to 1) house clients 2) house staff 3) house yourself! 4) convert to production space, office space, etc.

The balcony/patio (see video), which I expanded in the rear is, in summer time, completely secluded from the alley and neighbors by the trees in the yard. It has a 10 foot tiltable umbrella and a heater so that it can be enjoyed from spring through fall. It’s my favorite spot!

Mixing Consoles
CONSOLE Studer 902 24 Channels
CONSOLE RCA BC3 (factory custom special order)

CONVERTERS SSL Alphalink MADI AX and MOTU M64 MADI to USB converter

Speakers, Headphones
ADAM X77 Monitor speakers
ADAM replacement woofer, new in box
Audio Technica headphones, 6 pair
Furman headphone distribution system: distribution box + 6 stations
Pair of Ampex 620 amplified monitors

Tape Machines
TAPE MACHINE Ampex 440 4 Channels
TAPE MACHINE Ampex 440 8 Channels

PREAMPLIFIER API 312 (original 70's modules) 2 Channels #1 Brent Averill Rack
PREAMPLIFIER API 312 (original 70's modules) 2 Channels #2 Brent Averill Rack
PREAMPLIFIER Neve 1272 (original 70's modules) 2 Channels Brent Averill Rack
PREAMPLIFIER Neve 1272 (original 70's modules) 2 Channels Brent Averill Rack
PREAMPLIFIER Altec 407a (aka 9407) (60's solid state modules) 2 channels custom rack
PREAMPLIFIER Telefunken V672 2 Channels custom rack
PREAMPLIFIER TAB-Funkenwerk V672 2 Channels custom rack
PREAMPLIFIER: Universal Audio 610
PREAMPLIFIER/Channel Strip Chandler Ltd. TG Microphone Cassette
PREAMPLIFIER Focusrite ISA 8 Channels

COMPRESSOR Gates SA39b (1950'a tube) 1 Channel
COMPRESSOR Gates Sta-Level (1950's tube) 1 Channel #1
COMPRESSOR Gates Sta-Level (1950's tube) 1 Channel #2
COMPRESSOR Retro Sta-Level (1950's tube) 1 Channel
COMPRESSOR UA 1176 (SS) 2 Channels
COMPRESSOR UREI LA4 (SS 1970’s) X 2 Units
COMPRESSOR SSL Quad VCA "G" type by Audioscape 2 channels

EQUALIZER Neumann W495 Stereo
EQUALIZER Pultec EQH-2 1 Channel
EQUALIZER Pultec MEQ-5 1 Channel
EQUALIZER Tube Tech PE1C 1 Channel
EQUALIZER Tube Tech ME1B 1 Channel


Neumann U87 (x 1)
Neumann KM 64 with ORIGINAL power supply, accessories
Altec 639a (x 1)
AKG C451EB with brass capsules (PAIR)
AKG C414EB (original brass CK12 capsules) (PAIR)
DPA 4099 kit including accessories
Audio Technica PZM (x 1)
ElectroVoice N/D 468 (x 3)
Electro-Voice N/D 868 (x 1)
Electro-Voice RE20 (x 1)
RCA 77D #1
RCA 77D #2
Sennheiser MD 441 (x 4)
Shure Beta 52 (x 1)
Shure SM57 (x 3)
Telefunken M82

Instruments and Amps
BASS 1972 Fender Telecaster Bass
KEYS Fender Rhodes Suitcase
KEYS Hammond M100
KEYS Yamaha Electone 415
KEYS Yamaha YC-30
KEYS Roland EP-20
KEYS Baldwin Accrosonic Piano
KEYS Hammond Extravoice
KEYS Hammond Chord Organ
Leslie 147 project (Conn Organ OEM variant)
AMP Ampeg Gemini II (1960’s)
AMP Electromuse (1940’s)
AMP Premier 88 (1950’s)
AMP 1964 Vox AC30
AMP Peavey KB200 (keyboard)
AMP SWR Workingman (Bass)
DRUMS Yamaha 4 piece kit
DRUMS Rogers Holiday kit (1960’s)
DRUMS Ludwig Supraphonic snare (1970’s)
Vibraphone - Jenco 3.5 octave (motorized)
PERCUSSION Toca Congas, LP bongos, various hand percussion

Microphone stands
Custom Patch Bay, Mic Panel
Much other cabling. All installed wiring
Headphone system including 6 Furman headphone stations
DI and REAMP boxes
Avalon U5 DI
Horizon Rapco 4 channel splitters (appx 7)
Alignment tapes, 1/2” and 1”
Audio antiques in window display
40 acoustical panels, 5 “gobos” (roll around sound baffles)

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