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Why Immigration Is Good For Everyone (memphis)

Obama's Last Defiant Stand Against America's Democracy pic map

Hispanics are good for Black jobs map

Hey...I'm Going To Run Again In 2016 (Washington D.C.) pic map

Nothing is broken... (Rule Of Law) pic

No Justice in Ferguson (memphis) pic

Re: Justice Is Blind (Ferguson) pic

Blacks Behaving Badly map

Re: Justice Is Blind (Ferguson) (memphis) pic

We all notice: pic map

Justice Is Blind (Ferguson) pic

Truth Brings a Bitter Message map

Hiding Truth & "Maintaining a Lie" Can Be "Exhausting!" (Right "memphis"? ) map

Obama's Order on Immigration Reform (memphis) pic

Re: Hiding from "Facts" REALLY? (memphis) map

"Speaking the Obvious" Concerning the Obama Incompetence! (US Military)

Obama's Lies Continue to be Exposed; map

The Teabagger's Newest Complaint (memphis) pic

The teabagger Bashing Our President (memphis) pic

On Riots and Rioting (memphis) pic

Re: Democrats losing Women, Young... (memphis) pic

Re: Hiding from "Facts" Whose BS? (memphis) pic

Democrats losing Women, Young, and Black voters (Memphis) map

RE: Obama lets corporations make 5.7billion $ on healthcare map

Well, we can ALL see that "memphis" is back to his "RACIST" mode! (What a LOSER!!) map

Let's See What's On "Fox & Friends" (memphis) pic

Ah yes; the SLN ("memphis") Continues with BS (Hides from Facts!) pic map

Re: For All The Defending Of Obama (memphis) pic

Final GOP Banghazi Report is Out (memphis)

For All The Defending Of Obama.... pic map

Canada is paying the price! map

Re: Hating On Obama (mem) map

For All The Hating On Obama... (memphis) pic

The favorite occupation of the Obama base. pic map

A bit more accurate! pic map

NOT on the radicals hit list in St Louis! (burning love) pic

Maybe 3 more months... (W House) pic

Obama's TRUE Legacy! (memphis) pic

Shame Shame Shame! (Mt Pilot) pic

re: Immigration and Executive Orders (Oakland) pic

Immigration and Executive Orders (memphis) pic

More "Obama DoubleTalk"? pic map

Mary Landrieu (Baton Rouge) pic

Now Hold On A Dog Gone Minute! pic

The President Only Told The TRUTH (memphis) pic

Putin HAS won... (Moscow) pic

Jackson, Gore, and Obama Pissed! pic map

Reduced to Stealing OLD Jokes Now!?! (memphis) pic

O(s)amacare is getting even better! (Rampart) pic

G20 Leaders Rebuke Putin Over Ukraine (memphis)

Memphis Confirms His Ignorance (Dr Seuss) pic

Obamacare is Getting Even Stronger (memphis) pic

Must see video (Mem)

Memphis Confirms His Ignorance (Dr Seuss) pic

Teabagger Is Too Dumb To Understand (memphis)

Memphis Confirms His Ignorance (Dr Morton) pic

Memphis Confirms His Ignorance (Dr Kildare) pic

Our Teabagger Confirms His Ignorance (memphis)

Our "SLN" ("memphis") Confirms His LIE!! (ObamaCare SPIN) map

Teabagger Asked For The Source (memphis)

Obama's "Denial" in Face of Documented Facts! (Narcissistic Behavior in Bold Form) pic map

"memphis" says; "VAST MAJORITY of Americans LOVE Their ObamaCare" (??????????????) map

More "memphis" SPIN: Here Are the FACTS! (Rasmussen Reports) map

Oh we are 'awake' for sure (No Waffles) pic

Obama's Lies Continue to be Exposed; (even by some Liberal Media!) map

ObamaCare Fraud; Keep the LIE Alive! (say the DumoLiberals) map

Re: The "Awaking" (ObamaCare) (memphis) pic

Re: "Liberal" Media "Protecting" Obama (memphis) pic

Liberal Media [Continues] "Crossing the Line" to Protect Obama pic map

The "Awaking" of the American Voter (ObamaCare) map

Math Says It All! map

The Teabagger Finally Proved Me Wrong (memphis) pic

Obama's "Dictator" Style; Maybe a Good Thing pic map

"memphis" Is "Being Had" & Doesn't Even Know It! ("Canadian Humor" in Action) pic map

Midterm Elections Confuse Canadians (memphis) pic

"Stupidity" Applies to the White House! (Changes Significance of "Harvard Grad"!) pic map

A "Return" of Obama?? How about a "Departure" of Obama? (A MUCH Better Option!) pic map

GOP Demands Return of Passive Obama (memphis) pic

"We LIE to you for your own good!" (LiberalDemo Slogan) map

Truth Always Follows a Dose of Reality map

Obama "LIES" Surfacing More Each Day! (ObamaCare- Jonathan Gruber: "Opps"...) pic map

Ah "memphis"; MORE SPIN; MORE LIES; More DELUSION pic map

Re: "Memory Check" (memphis) pic

Re: "Corruption" Within the Obama... (memphis) pic

"Memory Check"; Hummmmmm..... ("memphis" w/ Obama "Victory" in Ukraine) map

We had to LIE but it was for OUR own good (Pants On Fire) pic

re: Here is the GOP's National Agenda (Byhalia) pic

O(s)ama global warming deal (China) pic

Here is the GOP's National Agenda (memphis) pic

Thank you "memphis"! I think we ALL can see your mentality. (Thru your "Double-Talk" postings) pic map

Corruption Within the Obama Administration is Unprecedented!! (Including HILLARY!!!)

re: Mitch McConnell (memphis) pic

"memphis" MUST JUST LOVE Showing His STUPIDITY!! (re: Mitch McConnell) map

So-Called 'Global Warning' is a Ploy (memphis) pic

"VETO" Pen vs "Obstructionist" ???? (Now, "memphis" WANTS Obstruction??) map

Mitch McConnell's Top Priority (memphis) pic

CBO reports, lalalalalala (the WHO) pic

Democrats failure to revive the economy leaves them only to argue for (minimum wage increase) pic

O(s)ama, O(s)ama, O(s)ama... (the empty chair) pic

"memphis"; More SPIN & B---S---? (Minimum Wage) map

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