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Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubio on Cuba (memphis) pic

Now I Know Who Putin Reminds Me Of (memphis) pic

Forbes: Russian Sanctions Are Working (memphis) pic

The TRUTH About Immigration Reform (memphis) pic

Teabagger and Unemployed Black Youth (USA) pic map

Teabagger Claims, "The Sky is Falling!" (memphis) pic

Hispanics are good for Black jobs map

Rand Paul sides with Obama on Cuba (memphis) pic

Re: Cuba, RFK, JFK & Obama (memphis) pic

Petition to change the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park

O(s)ama knows no shame... (RFK) pic

Putin's Fears Leading to Ukraine Deal? (memphis) pic

2014 LIE of the Year - EBOLA! (memphis) pic

GOP Furious at Ted Cruz' Stupidity (memphis) pic

"memphis"; Why do you Love Obama so much? pic map

Why Do You Hate Our President? (memphis) pic

"memphis" likes to "fabricate" his analysis of ObamaCare? (Here's an "intelligent" analysis!) map

Makes you wonder how many times this would be on news (if the gang was white?) map

Michel Brown; Victim?? So says Holder, Jackson, & Sharpton ( Really now!) map

Putin under Pressure as Ruble Pushed to Brink (memphis) pic

Americans LOVE Their Obamacare (memphis) pic

Flagged??? "Violates CL Rules"???? (Why?) map

Opps! Did We [All] Miss Something? or Did "memphis" Miss Something? map

"memphis" Making MORE Predictions??? (Now THERE'S a JOKE!!!) pic map

Get Ready for the Obama Boomlet (memphis) pic

re: Teabagger Definition of FACTS (Crawford TX) pic

Teabagger Definition of FACTS: I can't (provide any) pic

"memphis" Definition of "I won't bother to dispute FACTS" means: (I CAN'T dispute your FACTS!") pic map

Facts? What Facts? Poor Little teabagger (memphis) pic

More [Stupid] Cartoons "memphis"? ("Can't Dispute Facts; Right?) map

Re: The Many SUCCESSES... (memphis) pic

The Many "Claims" [of Successes] by Obama! (i.e. ) pic map

Who Are America's Real Parasites? (memphis) pic

The Many Successes of Our President (memphis) pic

Distinct Difference Today Between Traditional Demos vs Liberals map

The "True Colors" of the Liberal Demos Revealed! (UnAmerican Traitors!!) map

Rambling there a bit aren't ya "memphis"? (Still num over the election?) pic map

We Knew That Teabagger Is An IDIOT! (memphis) pic

Not Surprised by Teabagger's Stupidity (memphis) pic

Newest Attack on Obamacare (memphis) pic

Where's YOUR record of Hillary saying "She Didn't"? (Cause it DOESN'T EXIST Fool!) map

Why Can't You PROVE Your Claim? (memphis) pic

Sorry "memphis"; But You're the LAIR! (Why?) pic map

Question for the "memphis": (Hummmm.) map

Re: How about these REAL pictures? (memphis) pic

Teabagger LYING About Hillary as Usual (memphis) pic

"memphis" takes a Lesson from Hillary (Repeat; Repeat; Repeat; [a LIE]) map

Yeh "memphis"; we notice how you "dub in" Lies on pictures! (How about these REAL pictures?) pic map

"memphis" LOVES "trashing" Bush! Hummmm. (Wonder How Some Other Folks Feel?) pic map

Another Proud Tea Party Republican (memphis) pic

Stop Blaming Bush for Things He Did! (memphis) pic

Have ya noticed how the Liberals want to go back 8 years? (Bush, Cheney,????) map

This Country Does NOT Torture (memphis) pic

Teabagger Talks About "natural cowards" (memphis) pic

FOX "News" on Torture (memphis) pic

Teabagger Has His Priorities (memphis) pic

Excuse me! Did (Muslim) "memphis" say something about (Police Brutality?) pic map

Actually, I think the Tea Party supports our Government taking action (against terrorists who attack innocent..) map

"Defending Police Brutality"??? What Brutality?? (Kinda Makin It Up Again) map

Teabagger Naturally Supports Torture (memphis) pic

2016 Warren vs Clinton???? (Hey; Why Not???) map

For a RARE Moment; "memphis" is correct in a "closing comment"; (i.e. Benghazi) pic map

The REAL Benghazi SCANDAL! (memphis) pic

GOP Demands Return of Passive Obama (memphis) pic

"Interesting" [but Not Surprising] Comparison [by "memphis"]; (WTC Attack vs Benghazi) pic map

Torture Report Politically Motivated!?! (memphis) pic

Cheney Denies Torture Report (memphis) pic

RE: Obama The Lie lets corporations make 5.7billion $ on healthcare map

Senator Feinstein [and other Senate Demos] Exposed for What They Are ("Political Whores!) map

"The Real Crime" [as seen by] "memphis"! (So He Want's "Marxism"!!!!) map

The Real Crime (memphis) pic

When the house is burning you scream! (White House) map

Now, Let's Get Back to the Last 50 YEARS!! (You know ) map

1906 [Atlanta] Was YOUR Date (Moron "memphis") (And "What Do YOU Have To Riot About?) map

Teabagger is Dyslexic Too? 1960 vs 1906 (memphis) pic

"memphis"; Thanks for Showing Your Stupidity!!! (Latest "Example"; 1906!!!!) pic map

"memphis" Most Recent Posts??????? (A Bit Delusional Maybe???) map

Current Day Liberals Represent UnAmerican Values! (Ignorant, Self-Serving, and Vicious! ) map

Top Republican LIES and the TRUTH! (memphis) pic

Teabagger's Ass gets Handed to Him (USA) pic

Let's Be More Like Bolivia (memphis) pic

Re: My research project needs... (memphis) pic

"Anti-Enviroment"???????? ("memphis" new word???) map

All Those Angry Liberals with Bruised Egos, Swan Songs, Bitter Pills: (Like Udall; Trying to Make a Splash!) map

My research project needs some help [from "memphis"] (Looking for FACTS) pic map

ObamaCare; The "Clock Is Ticking" (More To Come) map

House GOP's Anti-Environment Agenda (memphis) pic

Considering the [lack of] creditability of "memphis"; (I consider his Lies a compliment!) pic map

The Obama Administration's Tactic is VERY Transparent; (Divert, Demean, & Demonize") map

The teabagger's Newest Complaint (memphis) pic

Before any of you get frustrated with "memphis" (and his "moronic" postings,) pic map

Thanks [SLN] "memphis" for Agreeing that ALL Ya Got is (PLAYING YOUR RACE CARD!) pic map

Teabagger Compares Clinton to Hitler (memphis) pic

Hummmmm.... I Think I've Heard That Before [Somewhere] pic map

The REAL Story on ObamaCare: (A Health Care Fraud!) map

"Facts" From People Who Know! This Excludes Moronic Bloggers (like "memphis") map

Hillary "DreamTeam" vs Reality? map

Approval Ratings Hit 5-Year High For Republicans! (Bloomberg Politics Report) map

Hummmmm. "Careful What Ya Wish For!" pic map

Obama's Agenda is now Exposed (Establish Monarchy) pic map

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