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Sun 31 Aug

Aug 31 The Real Problem Is WHITE Rage??? (ML King) pic

Aug 31 The Real Problem Is WHITE Rage! (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Re: Racist = Democrats (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Re: Democrats = Racists (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Democrats = Racists (ML King) pic

Aug 31 Racist = Democrats (ML King) pic

Aug 31 Democrats = Racists (ML King) pic

Aug 31 Koch Brothers Funding Climate Denial (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Conservatism Linked to Racism, Low IQ (memphis) pic

Aug 31 More COLD air! (B Franklin) pic

Aug 31 the Silence is Deafening (Selma) pic

Aug 31 DNC Keeping Their Voters Stupid (Parkland) pic

Aug 31 Re: Al Sharpton Telling Black folks (memphis) pic

Aug 31 The TRUTH About Immigration Reform (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Thanks for the memories! (Integrity) pic

Aug 31 A Bunch of Hot Air (G Westinghouse) pic

Aug 31 More failed logic (N Tesla) pic

Aug 31 Al Sharpton Telling Black folks Mexicans are good for Black jobs map

Aug 31 The SLN "Stuck in Repost" Gear??? (Lies; Delusion; Denial; etc.) pic map

Aug 31 From Benghazi to Fake IRS "Scandal" (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Hey SLN; How Stupid Are You Anyway?? (Better Yet; Ask Obama!) pic map

Aug 31 Another Thing About (YOU) SLN: map

Aug 31 Same Date; Same Time; Different Events (Obama's Priorities?) pic map

Aug 31 "A pathetic speech from a failed president (Jennifer Rubin [The Washington Post]) map

Aug 31 Another MSNBC News flash! Benghazi a hoax! (memphis) pic map

Aug 31 Remember When?? The SLN "Announced" Russian Supported Rebel Had Been.. (DEFEATED!!!!) pic map

Aug 31 GOP Keeping Their Voters Stupid (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Here's something to take your mind off of the Benghazi scandal (R Nixon) pic

Aug 31 The Tea Party Brain (memphis) pic

Aug 31 22% of World's Power Now Comes from Renewables (memphis) pic

Aug 31 A Canadian's View On Disrespect of Obama (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Understanding the Teabagger (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Only moronic Obama followers would "believe": pic map

Aug 31 Just Keep Talking, Teabagger (USA) pic map

Aug 31 An Open Letter to The Teabagger (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Teabagger Too Dumb To Understand (memphis)

Aug 31 Teabagger: WRONG as Usual! (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Obama's TRUE Legacy! (You Don't Speak for the World) pic

Aug 31 Teabagger Won't Answer on Benghazi (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Did the SLN say something about "Racism"? pic map

Aug 31 The Real Obama vs. Fox "News" Obama (memphis) pic

Aug 31 Everything Republicans Believe is Wrong (Rolling Stone) pic

Aug 31 Obama's TRUE Legacy! (And the WORLD Knows!!) pic map

Aug 31 MSNBC Releases results of investigation! (memphis) pic map

Aug 31 The SLN's Favorite Motto! (Daily [w/ reposts; reposts; reposts;..) pic map

Aug 31 FINALLY: the SLN's Definition of "FACTS" (No Wonder He is Confused!) pic map

Sat 30 Aug

Aug 30 A Better Photo of Allen West (memphis) pic

Aug 30 Teabagger Racism (FNC) pic

Aug 30 You're Ridiculous Now, teabagger (memphis)

Aug 30 More Teabagger Racism on Display (USA) map

Aug 30 It's ridiculous now (R Burr) pic

Aug 30 What Our teabagger Constantly Cries (memphis) pic

Aug 30 Teabagger Caught In Another LIE! (memphis) pic

Aug 30 I Call BS On Your Benghazi LIES! (memphis) pic

Aug 30 Yes, Obamacare Is Cutting The Deficit (memphis) pic

Aug 30 Global Confidence in President Obama (memphis) pic

Aug 30 Latest LIES From The Teabagger (memphis) pic

Aug 30 Heritage Foundation "FACTS!?!" (memphis)

Aug 30 Bait & Switch (D Kildare) pic

Aug 30 Blah Blah Blah (Henning) pic

Aug 30 Tennessee May Soon Expand Medicaid (memphis) pic

Aug 30 Republicans Now Embracing Obamacare (memphis) pic

Fri 29 Aug

Aug 29 Bogus Numbers from the SLN (Just Like Always) pic map

Aug 29 Teabagger Just LOVES Ronald Reagan (memphis) pic

Aug 29 Obamacare is NOT Just a Website (memphis)

Aug 29 O(s)ama vs Reagan (G Beck) pic

Aug 29 Hey Obama guy, you seem to be the only one who can't find David Blair: (OK; First log on....) pic map

Aug 29 More help for the helpless (D Kildare) pic

Aug 29 Wishful thinking doesn't make it right! (D Kildare) pic

Aug 29 I Have To Find YOUR Guy? LOL (memphis) pic

Aug 29 You "pretend" to be "Computer Literate", and YOU can't... (Find the "right" David Blair!!!) pic map

Aug 29 Latest Obabacare LIE is a Whopper! (memphis) pic

Aug 29 David Blair!?! Who? Give Us More (memphis)

Aug 29 More of Obama's "Leadership"? (World Stage) map

Aug 29 O(s)amaScare is a failure (D Kildare) pic

Aug 29 So, who in the hell is "memphis"? pic map

Aug 29 When Does an Imbecile Become a Teabagger? (memphis) pic

Aug 29 Why Putin's Strategy in the Ukraine Failed (memphis) pic

Aug 29 I agree. The teabagger is clueless! (SE Memphis) map

Aug 29 When Does a President Become a Traitor? pic map

Aug 29 I agree. The Obama supporter is clueless! (SE Memphis) map

Aug 29 Putin's Strategy in the Ukraine is Working map

Aug 29 When Ronald Reagan Won (memphis) pic

Aug 29 Re: Osama Bin Laden is Dead (memphis) pic

Aug 29 Re: the teabagger is so out of touch (memphis)

Aug 29 RE: the left is so out of touch map

Thu 28 Aug

Aug 28 When the Democrats Won... (R Reagan) pic

Aug 28 Osama Bin Laden is Dead! (W House) pic

Aug 28 Teabagger, It's Deficit vs. Debt (memphis) pic

Aug 28 AH Yes; Our SLN's "Play on Words"! Or Maybe It IS His Stupidity! (Deficit vs "Rate of" Deficit Change?) pic map

Aug 28 Did You Think Ms. Rubin Was A Reporter? (memphis)

Aug 28 What a HOOT!! The SLN calling Jennifer Rubin of tWP) a "BLOGGER"!! (The SLN; Obama's ULTIMATE BLOGGER!!) pic map

Wed 27 Aug

Aug 27 Global Confidence in President Obama? (Mason) pic

Aug 27 Teabagger Finds a BLOGGER's Opinion (big whoop)

Aug 27 Re: IF no new jobs have been created... (memphis)

Aug 27 IF no new jobs have been created in the last 6 years map

Aug 27 Michael Brown's shooting...

Aug 27 Special Alert for the Citizens of Memphis! (S Forbes) pic

Aug 27 Teabagger's Putin "Bromance" (memphis) pic

Aug 27 Special Alert for the Tea Party (Obama's Agenda) pic

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