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Wed Apr 23

Apr 23 Re: America becomes the Twilight Zone (memphis) pic

Apr 23 Stop Calling Them "Conservatives" (memphis) pic

Apr 23 America has become the Twilight Zone (USA) pic map

Apr 23 Clinton Popularity Still the Highest (memphis) pic

Apr 23 Choice of "Heroes" (by Little Baby Joey) pic map

Apr 23 Teabagger's Nose is Growing (LIAR!) (memphis) pic

Apr 23 Poll: Hillary Clinton Favorability Slides (Hits a Six Year Low) pic map

Apr 23 Tea Party "Heroes" (memphis) pic

Apr 23 ObamaCare? Obama's Administration's "Nose is Growing!" (More Spin; More Lies) pic map

Tue Apr 22

Apr 22 Public Not Buying Clinton Smear Campaign (memphis) pic

Apr 22 Sometimes Hillary Does Make Some Sense ("What Difference DOES IT MAKE?) pic map

Apr 22 Why You have to love Bill Clinton (USA) pic map

Apr 22 Little Baby Joey's Playtime pic map

Apr 22 Teabagger's Posts Are Always the Same (memphis) pic

Apr 22 Tea Party Has Become a Terrorist Group (memphis) pic

Apr 22 7 Reasons Why The Tea Party Sucks! pic

Apr 22 The Obamacare "Disaster" (memphis) pic

Apr 22 Health Care Upgrades (Memphis, TN) pic

Apr 22 Obama's Pathetic Foreign Policy "Strategy" (An International "Joke") pic map

Apr 22 Daily Dose of Little Baby Joey pic map

Apr 22 The Truth Regarding Cliven Bundy (For the Conservatives) pic map

Mon Apr 21

Apr 21 Real Patriots vs. Tea Party "Patriots" (memphis) pic

Apr 21 Obama has a "Manhood Problem" (NYT David Brooks) map

Apr 21 Little Boy Joey calls certain Blacks "samba coons" (But Little Boy Joey is Black!) map

Apr 21 How Teabaggers See The Race Issue (memphis) pic

Apr 21 Little Baby Joey; Continues His HATE Agenda (Memphis) pic map

Apr 21 KKK-Black Panthers; Any Difference? pic map

Apr 21 Obama Deploys Troops to Poland (Somewhere West of Crimea) map

Apr 21 Dear Teabagger (memphis) pic

Sun Apr 20

Apr 20 The Tea Party Has Given Us New Life (memphis) pic

Sat Apr 19

Apr 19 For Defenders of Cliven Bundy (memphis) pic

Apr 19 Your Lies Regarding Cliven Bundy (memphis) pic

Apr 19 The Keystone XL Pipeline (memphis) pic

Apr 19 Another "NO ACTION" by Obama (Keystone Pipeline) pic map

Fri Apr 18

Apr 18 That's Your Idea of Fun? (memphis) pic

Apr 18 Still NOTHING from Teabagger (memphis) pic

Apr 18 Ah yes! Always the "wantabe, goneabe, shouldabe; but never is" Liberal (Just like Obama; Empty Suit!) pic map

Apr 18 We Shall See, Little teabagger (memphis) pic

Apr 18 I guess it should be no surprise (Liberal Thinking) map

Apr 18 I Guess It Depends On Your Definition of Support (What's ) pic map

Apr 18 Teabagger Concern over Polling Numbers (memphis) pic

Apr 18 Obama's REAL International Support (memphis)

Apr 18 Predicting Can Be Difficult; [or Maybe Not So Difficult] pic map

Apr 18 US president sees fumbling approval ratings (ISRAELHAYOM) pic map

Apr 18 Indicator of Obama's [Lack of] International Support (Israel and Russia) pic map

Apr 18 More Bogus Numbers from Little Baby Joey (But, That's Not New) map

Apr 18 Teabagger LIES As Usual (poll numbers) (memphis)

Apr 18 Obama Poll Numbers UP? (From What?) map

Apr 18 Fox "News" Guide to What's Dangerous (memphis) pic

Apr 18 Obama "Obsessed" With Critics of ObamaCare (Why?) map

Apr 18 Obama, Hillary Cleared on Benghazi (memphis) pic

Apr 18 Teabagger SPIN On WH Press Conference (memphis)

Apr 18 Obama "Rambled On" During WH Press Conference map

Thu Apr 17

Apr 17 "What Difference Does It Make [Now]?" (Hillary 1/24/13-Benghazi) pic map

Apr 17 Teabaggers, Accountability & Benghazi (memphis) pic

Apr 17 How Can Benghazi Be a "Dead Horse" if No one is Accountable? (I'm asking LBJ) pic map

Apr 17 Little Boy Joey (LBJ) Has a Theory pic map

Apr 17 For Obama Liberals; Delusion is the Only Option (Truth is Painful) pic map

Apr 17 Benghazi: It's Both, You Moron! (memphis) pic

Apr 17 Speaking of "Dead Horses" (LBJ) pic map

Apr 17 GOP Screws Ukraine to Hurt Obama (memphis) pic

Apr 17 Benghazi: "Dead Horse" or "Dead Americans"? (You Decide ) pic map

Apr 17 Tea Party and some Truth in Advertising (memphis) pic

Apr 17 MSNBC Fighting "BIG PINK ELEPHANT" map

Wed Apr 16

Apr 16 Forget Benghazi? Not Now; Not Ever pic map

Apr 16 Re: Re: Type of Leader (memphis) pic

Apr 16 Playing "Little Joey's" Childish Games pic map

Apr 16 Re: Re: "Type of Leader" (Don't Think So LBJ) pic map

Apr 16 Re: the Type of Leader Obama Should Be (memphis) pic

Apr 16 Conservatives on the Wrong Side of History (As Usual) pic

Apr 16 What it Means to be a Liberal (memphis) pic

Apr 16 Stephen Harper, the Type of Leader Obama Should Be pic map

Apr 16 LBJ's Definition of "Objectivity" and "Fairness" pic map

Apr 16 Isn't That Just Like a Liberal? (Where's MY MONEY?) map

Apr 16 LBJ "Sick and Tired of Hearing Lies"? (Now There's a Joke!) pic map

Apr 16 Re: Questions About Bundy Ranch (memphis) pic

Apr 16 The Narrowing Agenda of the Liberal Left (Reality Forces Tunnel Vision) map

Apr 16 CBO Lowers Projected Costs of ACA (memphis) pic

Apr 16 Questions About Bundy Ranch (memphis) pic

Apr 16 Faces of the GOP (memphis) pic

Tue Apr 15

Apr 15 "Standing with Putin" is not the Issue (Disgraced by Obama is the REAL Issue) map

Apr 15 Our Teabagger Stands With Putin (memphis) pic

Apr 15 The "LBJ?" guy uses the word PROOF (But where's the PROOF?) map

Apr 15 "The WHITE HOUSE" said Putin called first! (Yeah; Obama was on the pot; right?) pic map

Apr 15 PROOF! Who is LYING? (memphis) pic

Apr 15 No More Racism, huh? (memphis) pic

Apr 15 LBJ Delusional as EVER!! Spinning, Spinning, ... (More Spin from LBJ!) map

Apr 15 Obama Calls Putin AT RUSSIANS REQUEST (memphis) pic

Apr 15 Obama places CALL TO Putin! Not the other way around! (Who's "pleading" with who?) map

Apr 15 LBJ Delusional as EVER!! Spinning, Spinning, ... (Obama vs Putin) map

Apr 15 Putin Pleads with Obama Again (memphis) pic

Apr 15 LBJ Digging Up "whatever"; including Katrina? (Stay Away From Today's Reality?) pic map

Apr 15 I've Lost Track of Obama's "Red Line in the Sand" (Where is it now?) pic map

Apr 15 Congratulations, Fox "News" (memphis) pic

Apr 15 Fox "News" and the IRS "Scandal" (memphis) pic

Apr 15 Re: "ObamaCare; It's Working!" (as seen by Little Joey (LBJ)) pic map

Apr 14 Just Trying To Keep the Party Line Alive (by Little Joey) pic map

Mon Apr 14

Apr 14 Another One of Teabagger's Pals (memphis) pic

Apr 14 You Wouldn't Get the Point, bagger (memphis) pic

Apr 14 I Think This Was the Point Being Made (Right Little Joey?) pic map

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